You benefit from our unmatched industry savvy. We possess an expert, “no trainee” staff with over 900 years of collective industry knowledge and an average of twenty-nine (29) years of experience.


You receive your reports on time with our incentive driven timeliness program, which results in most initial reports being delivered within eight (8) work days.


You benefit from superior quality control on each case. Every report is reviewed by our Claims Manager prior to release to ensure: technical accuracy, legal sufficiency and that we have been responsive to the needs of your case. Additionally, 10% of all reports are reviewed by senior management.


We have re-invented the “Report” form around YOUR needs. Our report provides the detail of the Wall Street Journal in the easy-to-read format of USA Today, with important information and facts easily identifiable to the reader.


You will find we are best value in the marketplace. All invoices depict all field activity billed in one tenth of an hour increments, which are audited prior to release to ensure accurate charges, such as mileage. Any file requiring over 100 miles of billable travel requires client approval before travel is incurred. Should you identify any errors in our invoice, in addition to correction, a ten percent discount will be deducted from the entire invoice.


Each month our field staff outline their efforts to WOW you! Our “WOW” program provides $12,000.00 in year long incentives for extraordinary service to our clients: The leading stories are shared with all staff and contributes to our culture of service.